1.4404 / 316 / 316 L

Non-corrosive austenitic low-carbon chrome-nickel-molybdenum steel (also with AD 2000-W2)

The material 1.4404/316/316L is a rust-proof, austenitic chromium-nickel-molybdenum steel, which has a low carbon content and better corrosion resistance than products free of molybdenum. In cold condition, 1.4404/316/316L can be molded and welded well. In particular, the material is used in the chemical, paper and textile industries, as well as in the production of pipes, in apparatus construction and sanitary installations.

The properties of material 1.4404/316/316L

The low carbon content allows for a high resistance to inter-crystalline corrosion as well as for the use at high temperatures up to 450 ° C in continuous operation. In contrast to molybdenum-free materials, the additional molybdenum content makes this material more resistant to non-oxidizing acids such as phosphoric acid and sulfuric acid. In addition, 1.4404/316/316L is less sensitive to pitting due to the addition of molybdenum. Since the material does not contain any titanium, the so-called knife-line attack is no longer required after welding, and the material has much better machinable properties compared to titanium-stabilised grades. As a result, tool speeds can be increased and the tool life can be extended.

Assignment to current and older standards

  • Designation according to DIN: X 2 Cr Ni Mo 17-12-2
  • ASTM grade: 316L
  • EN: 1.4404
  • ASME: 316 L
  • AFNOR: X2CrNiMo 17-12-2
  • DIN: 1.4404
  • SIS: 2348

Chemical composition reference analysis (as weight %)

Grade Amount %
C ≤ 0,03
P < 0,045
S ≤ 0,03
Si ≤ 1,0
Mn ≤ 2,0
Cr 16,5 – 18,5
Mo 2 – 2,5
Ni 11-14

Mechanical values at room temperature

Tensile strength N/mm² 90 – 690
Tensile strength Rp 0,2 N/mm² ≥ 190
Elongation at break A5 % 40

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