Creative start of training at WITTE


With the start of the new year for trainees on 01/08/18, we introduced an innovation this year: Trainee start days on 01/+02/08/18 for ALL trainees with great activities.

At first, there was an extensive round of introductions and mentorships were determined – so you always have a personal contact person if there are any questions. Then there was a discussion about the rights and duties as well as about the trainee etiquette (e.g. table manners, appropriate behaviour, how to introduce oneself correctly, netiquette, clothes). We had lunch together to put the new knowledge into practice with tomato soup, spaghetti bolognese, hamburgers and fries – here, of course, the etiquette had to be applied directly, which happened with a lot of commitment and joy.

Then the new trainees went to the WITTE TUBE & PIPE SYSTEMS warehouse with the first real packing list to look for their own WITTE shirts, folders and safety shoes, and at the same time to get to know the warehouse structure. Furthermore, internal trainee tasks were discussed and there was a team game. Later we went to a photo shoot together and had a lot of fun.

On Thursday from 4 p.m. the families of the trainees were welcomed. The company WITTE TUBE & PIPE SYSTEMS GMBH was briefly introduced and after a round of questions the trainees and their families walked through the warehouse and showed their workplaces. All in all, everyone had a lot of fun during our trainee start days.

We wish our new apprentices a great training period at WITTE TUBE & PIPE SYSTEMS GMBH.


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