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Our stock range: Stainless steel from standard to special –
1.4462 Duplex-Stahl
1.4410 Super-Duplex-Stahl and
1.4547 254SMO

Our large stock range includes many different piping systems from standard stainless steel and high alloy steels such as 1.4539 / 904L, Duplex steel and Super Duplex steel. At our company headquarters in Rastede, Lower Saxony, we store tubes and pipe connections in seamless or welded versions according to DIN / EN and ASME. We have an area of 8,000 m² overbuilt storage space and an outdoor storage area of 4,000 m².

1.4462 / Duplex-Stahl, 1.4410 / Super-Duplex-Stahl, 1.4547 / 254SMO or standard stainless steel: the seamless pipe system

In the case of greater wall thickness, tubes are usually produced seamlessly. For this purpose, the tube is produced from a single block using the extrusion process, and then brought to the finished dimension. The resulting tubes are completely homogeneous and allow higher operating pressures than welded tubes.

Tubes in welded version

In addition to the seamless pipes, we also carry a large range of welded products. Usually, welded tubes are produced that have a small wall thickness relative to the wall thickness. First, a hollow body is produced – by rolling or bending sheet metal -, which is then welded at the joints.

  • 1.4462 / S31803 / S32205
  • 1.4539 / 904L

We also offer these from (Super) Duplex steel. You can find more articles in our supply range.

In our online shop, we offer a large number of different materials including:

  • 1.4541 / 321 / 321H / 1.4878
  • 1.4571 / 316 Ti
  • 1.4404 / 316 / 316 L
  • 1.4547 / 254SMO / UNS S31254


321 / 321 H / 1.4878

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316 TI

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316 / 316 L

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S 31803 / S 32205

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904 L

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Super-Duplex / UNS S32750

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254SMO / UNS S31254

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We do not just supply pipes, but the complete piping range from our stock

Of course, WITTE TUBE + PIPE SYSTEMS GMBH stores all the fittings appropriate for the pipe. Here again, equipping our warehouse with supplies beyond standard requirements is one of the principles we have made our own.

We stock fittings from low-cost Chinese production, which are 100% TÜV-approved and additionally inspected by our own quality assurance department. In addition, we stock all kinds of fittings produced in western Europe, which we also inspect according to the applicable regulations, as well as for material mix-up.

If you cannot find what you are looking for in our supply range, we would like to invite you to take a look at our detailed product range!